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TestCo is an application designed to schedule, manage, and track COVID test appointments.
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Figma and Mural
So What is TestCo? 
TestCo is an application that helps with managing, scheduling, and viewing your COVID test history.
The application allows users to securely input their personal and health card information to schedule, cancel, and view their COVID tests.

We believe this application can help organise and track when and where an individual is tested for COVID and what their result is.
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The design features an iPhone and Apple Watch application that allows users to book appointments for COVID-19 testing. The mobile app will allow users to register, book an appointment, manage their appointments as well as view test results. In addition, the design features a smartwatch app that provides notifications regarding appointments as well as test results.

Some of the assumptions that we have that only one patient will be booking their appointment at a time through the app. Another assumption is that the user will need to be notified of upcoming appointments as well as other notifications like when the test is available to view, booked appointments and cancelled appointments. We can also assume that the user will have a smartwatch that the notifications will be sent to
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To validate these assumptions we will be researching various medical lab apps such as LifeLabs. Using these apps that have similar medical record features, we will be able to design an intuitive and efficient app for our users. Users need a way to efficiently organise, schedule, reschedule, and view their COVID tests and test results, so that they will be able to keep track of their medical records safely and effectively.
To solve these needs we will follow the UX design process which includes us discovering the problem, interpreting the problem, ideation, and experimentation. Using these methods, we will design for the user and their needs.
How Was TestCo Designed? 
Creating a proto persona helped us create an ideal user for TestCo
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This persona was created on Mural
Initial Design Sketch
We then proceeded to sketch a basic low-fidelity design that we based our high-fidelity design on.
Screenshot 2022-09-10 at 6.02.03 PM.png
Design Prototype
Our final step was to make a high-fidelity prototype that is based on low-fidelity to make a working prototype.
The high-fidelity prototype for the application was made on Figma, a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool
We optimized this design for iOS devices: the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch in particular.
Please note that the prototype is only viewable on a desktop browser, and is not configured to be viewed on a mobile.
User Feedback
Feedback From Three Testers
After conducting some usability tests with three users, we found that our users were very happy with our design. The task that they were asked to complete was to register, book a test in advance, modify and/or cancel a test and view a previous test result. Users liked the three button home screen as they found it simple and easy to use, without having to use extra steps. 
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Though some users were skeptical of adding their health card information, the two-step verification method felt safe enough to input that information since they know that they are the only ones with access to it. 
Users also appreciated the calendar with greyed out available dates separated from available times, rather than a scroll bar that includes both the date and time. While separating the two adds an extra step for the user, the extra step makes the user feel more intuitive and clear about when they are booking or rescheduling their next appointment. 
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Users found the UI very intuitive and easy to use making it a proper user experience. Overall, we were suggested not to change anything as the design was appealing and simple to operate. 
What We Learnt and Next Steps
New Skills
Creating TestCo helped us a lot in terms of learning new things.
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I significantly improved and learnt how to animate Figma prototypes and mock them up to device frames. In addition, I learnt how many digitised medical record systems work in contrast to traditional ones.
What Did We Learn?
Working in a team, I believe I improved on my time management and communication skills. Coordinating tasks and timelines helped me stay on scheduele while giving us time to make sure our design is perfect.
What's Next?
We intend on adapting and optimizing TestCo's design for the Apple iPad. In addition, we also want to create an alternative TestCo design to make it compatible with android run mobile and tablet devices along with versions for popular smartwatches.
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Our main goal is to broaden the platform.
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